Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Dream Job

My lil sister's comment on a previous post got me thinking about "dream jobs" again. Most of us can probably say for certain that our current employment is not by any means our dream job. Some of us are there because that's what we trained for in school, some because they need the cash. And some are in it because we couldn't find anything else!

I have a number of career paths that I would consider to be dream-job-worthy. Let's discuss...

#1. Librarian. Um, yeah that would be totally cool. I almost continued at the UofA to get my "Masters in Library Studies", but I decided that I would much rather start making money and contributing to my new marriage, so I didn't pursue this. I actually have a good buddy that is a "librarian". Maybe I can just live vicariously through Scotty D!!

#2. Triple D: Canadian Style. Like Amy said, getting paid to travel around the country and eat diner food! Talk about "died and gone to heaven"...

#3. Running/managing/owning a scrapbooking/craft/art store. Some friends and I started planning for this many years ago. It turns out that this sort of thing costs a lot of money, and none of us are "independently wealthy" at all, and there were no "independently wealthy" uncles oozing out of the woodwork, so we quickly dropped it. But it would have been cool!

#4. Editing a magazine. I actually have some ideas on this, and have been day-dreaming more fervently lately about it. How cool would it be to run an art magazine!? I remember how excited I was when I first learned I would be published. I would love to make other people's dreams of being in a magazine come true!

#5. Author. I love to read books, so why not write them? Don't know how good I would be...and if anyone would want to read what I have to say!! HA! It's like the professional (and legitimate) version of a blog!

Do you guys have a "dream job" or are you living the dream right now!?!?

love ya long time


  1. My dream job would be to be independently weathly and do whatever I wanted during the day *grin* Naw, I think something to do with travel (my list of places I want to go only seems to be getting longer!). But Right now I would settle for a job that had some freedom in start/end times, had flex time, and the possibility of working at home.

  2. Two of your dream jobs also make my list - Editor of a magazine (or even just working at a cool magazine); and Author. I would really actually like to be a graphic designer. I also think it would be cool to own a little bookstore and get to be surrounded by books all day.

  3. There are several careers i have thought of or wanted to do but for whatever reason i am still doing what I do. At least one on your list pulls at my heartstrings, but others were a fashion designer, or a meteorologist. Having said that I think if I could I would be an animal activist. I would Travel to China and free the biliary Bears, and I would do more to help stop the massacre of dolphins. There is so much animal cruelty on this planet it sickens me. I know there is human cruelty as well, but I have a real soft spot for animals :) Great question Lisa! BTW, I think you would be great at all of those you mention, and most of them are very attainable :)

  4. I have been lucky to have my 3 dream jobs in my lifetime. #3 were all of the administrative assistant positions that I had - I enjoyed every one of them. #2 was becoming a mom and watching my two talented, beautiful daughters grow. But #1 is most definitely being a Grandma. It is the best job in the world!

  5. First of all...isn't my mom awesome!?!?! Being a grandma!! YAY!!

    Second of all, my sister reminded me yet again of another awesome dream job...BOOK STORE OWNER. Wouldn't it be cool to have a huge budget to order whatever books suited your fancy!? My store would be full of Margaret Atwood, Jasper Fforde, Douglas Coupland & Jane Austen!


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