Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Lime Door SALE

On of the life-items I was thinking/not thinking about while we were on vacation is my Lime Door store. I know that I love making things. I know that I love giving home made gifts and surprises to my friends. But I'm not keen on becoming an "independent businesswoman" at this time in my life. Maybe I'll never be up to it, but for sure I'm not up to it right now.

Also, I have yet to make a sale on Big Cartel and I just don't have the time to dedicate to making this more than it is.

So pretty much everything on my Big Cartel site is on sale right now! You can follow this link to see all the goodies and maybe do some "ordering". BUT FIRST, read what I have to say below.

#1. If you live in Edmonton, I will "hand-deliver" your item. So please don't order directly through the site. Email me at lisakercher[at]gmail[dot]com with your order, and I will get it to you and save you the shipping cost. Then I take the item off the site, and it's yours forever!

#2. If you are the first person to buy something from the site (or from me directly) I will give you a prize! Like, a "gift with purchase" will be something I made!

#3. If you buy anything from the site (or from me directly) you will get a "gift with purchase", it just might not be as cool as the First Customer-Gift with Purchase (as referred to in point #2).

#4. I am doing a blog giveaway of two unlisted items...heck I might do more than two. These items will remain a surprise until I post the giveaway info on the blog. This will start happening right away and will continue until I have cleared out the shop.

#5. This sale will be ongoing until August 23rd. That's when my Big Cartel funds are due, and I won't be renewing! So get your Lime Door gear while you can!

This may or may not be the end of Lime Door in this capacity. I'm thinking of getting things going again in time for the Christmas Craft Show season. BUT the products you see on the Big Cartel site will not be available again. It's sort of a last blast for these guys.

Keep your eyes to the blog for the first giveaway, which I'm hoping to get up before the end of the week.

Thanks again for all your support in this...coming out to my craft show, making special requests and custom orders, wearing my product and just generally being great supportive friends! I have a lot of supplies left over, so I'm not stopping here...just changing gears!

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