Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Three Weddings

And (hopefully) no funeral! But I would settle for a little bit of Hugh Grant...

So, Russ and I are attending three weddings this year! So far.

#1. One of Russel's work friends. Harold is a fun guy who squints a lot. I always forget the name of his girlfriend-fiance. But I wrote it down now, so I should be good! In August. An Indian-Phillipino wedding, so I am hoping for some interesting traditions, or at least one outfit change. And a great menu!

#2. Russ' good friend from work, who has been engaged for years and years, and have been together for almost as long as Russel and I have been married. This is a "finally" sort-of event! The ceremony takes place in Grande Prairie, the day after my birthday. Russ is in the wedding party!

#3. Veronica and Alexander in Mexico! YAY! I am so excited for this one! Like, beyond excited!

So, since most things in my life now come back to fashion in some way, I thought I would put it out there that I need three appropriate wedding outfits this year. And, while I am definitely going to scrounge through my closet for wedding #1, and probably just buy new shoes for wedding #2, I would like to buy something fun and gorgeous for wedding number #3!!

So I have been Online Window Shopping again. I just can't stay away. And it doesn't help that sitting in front of the computer is one of my jobs.

Here is a sampling of pretty dresses...

From these selections alone, I'm thinking I might be getting a gray dress sometime in the not so distant future! And something lacey.

Other than that...who can say.

I am excited about getting my wedding on...mostly just with a sincere hope that there will be dancing of some sort during at least one of these receptions! I live to dance at weddings...I do. Heh heh..."I do"...

I'm also excited because a good buddy of mine is going to be a daddy in January! Yippee!! And can I just say finally I have some friends who are starting families! Now that Lucas is too old to hang out with any of the new brood...yippee?

But it's a baby nonetheless, and I am super happy for them. So many lovely things to look forward to in the next little bit. I'm am loving how this summer is going so far peeps!


  1. Yah for excitedness :) The gray dress is pretty but I think the yellow dress is awesome! The yellow is just so cheerful and bright! As for dancing goodness you should suggest some songs! We haven't even thought about what should be on our playlist yet, it is on my list of things to do! :)

  2. Lots of wonderful things happening in your life! I adore the yellow dress, but a lacy grey number sounds pretty fine too.

  3. PS Congratulations Veronica!!


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