Thursday, June 02, 2011

Good or Bad? I can't tell...

I was trying to get some shots of one of my new headbands in action the other day. I took 11 photos. Eleven. Guess how many had the headband in focus. Zero. Guess how many had the whole headband in the frame. Four (sort of). Guess how many I am using to promote Lime Door. See answer number I guess I need to find a new model who isn't such a pain to work with! HA!
I must say that my skin looks really great in these photos, so they are keepers even though they missed the mark!

I'm still going to put this one in the shop eventually...I just need to get some good photos of it! It's another in the "shuttlecock" line...I am kind of in love with this style! It's way out there, which is just up my alley! Maybe one day I'll find someone who thinks the same kooky way I do!

Until then...


  1. P.S. I loves the headband!

  2. You look beautiful here! And the headband is way cool.


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