Tuesday, May 03, 2011

No I did NOT forget...

I only got tired and went to bed early.

I'm of course referring to not posting the winner of my giveaway last night as promised.

So I will do it now, and then regale you with a fab new Fashion Un-Able.

Without further adieu...the winner of the super cute and fabulous (like it's namesake) Kirsten Headband is:
No word of a lie! Congrats hun! I'll drop off the headband at work this week.

Thanks to all of you who watched my vlog and left me a cute comment! You are all winners in my book (it's a large book, and heavy too!)

And now on to a new Fashion Un-Able...this one has a wild touch!

These are a pair of Masquerade masks I did up for TM's weekend event. We were so booked up for National Scrapbook Day, we are having two events! One was last weekend, and the next is coming up on this weekend (which is the true NSD).

Our NSD Friday night crops always have a theme, and last year we began doing funny awards. Things like, the person who brought the most stuff, the most energetic, that sort of thing. The winners are presented with these neat masks. Each staff member received one or two to decorate in whatever theme they chose. And I went crazy, as per usual.

I'm finishing up a third mask for this Friday night. Something with red, and black, and sparkles! These are masks that you would find at a dollar store, and I decorated mine with an assortment of ribbon, feathers, paint, Distress Stain, sewing, Stickles, and cotton balls.

Who would have thunk that decorating some plastic dollar masks would be so much fun!!


  1. Congratulations Kirstin, that is so perfect! Love the masks Lisa and I really love this picture of you!

  2. Ack! Hilarious! Thank you so much!!!!

    You're masks are beyond fabulous.... so jealous!


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