Friday, May 27, 2011

Lazy Lisa Strikes Again!

So I managed to sort of get some stuff done last night before Russ suckered me into some TV watching...but I was too tired to put up much of a fight. Ever so slowly, the stitching got ignored for a tasty raisin snack and some How I Met Your Mother and SNL. (K. for any of you watching HIMYM, did you cheer when he said "and that's how I met your mother"? and then get depressed again when he said "just kidding". I just want him to get it over with dangit! And who do you think Barney marries? Robin or Nora??)

K. Enough TV gossip for now.

I have a couple of things to post this morning, before taking some photos and posting again this afternoon!

Actually, I thought I had more to post this morning, but apparently not! So it will have to be this and only this...

I am teaching this cute mini in June! I'm posting all of the details on the Classes Blog today, so if you're in town on June 25th, you'll have to stop in! And yes, you actually get to sew your own cover! Gasp! I have made sure to open up more spots for this class, seeing as my last mini "sold out" (I will never get tired of saying that!)

For any of you interested, I still have some spots open in my layout class tomorrow...the focus is on rub ons, and the layouts are pretty fab, if I do say so myself!
 (please ignore the dates printed on these photos! I should now better than to put a date on something like this, as it is a pain in the arse to cover up later if, say, you have to change the date of your class because someone else monopolizes the classroom...)

The class runs tomorrow (that's Saturday, the 28th) from 10am to noon, and you can email me or call the store to sign up. I think I have 2 spots left!? But don't quote me on that!

I guess that's it for now. I'll be back later with a shop update and a Friday Fashion DIY! Hazaa...they're back!


  1. I cheered and then nearly cried.

    I've also discussed the Barney / Robin at length, we think they don't end up together because they're often referred to separately by future Ted....but that could be a purposeful mislead?

    Also, as soon as Lily started being sick and Marshall counted down? Called it! So very called it!!

  2. I agree, both LOs are awesome! And the mini album, well, I'm crying now. You're too far away.


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