Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Is it Wednesday yet?

Nope. No such luck for me.

I'm having major typing issues this morning for some reason, so you'll just have to bear with me.

Class Update: It went totally awesome! If you would like to buy a kit, you can directly from me, or you can call the store and get one put on hold for you there. If you buy one from Chan, you'll have to pay the GST! Now, you don't get the full Lisa-Class-Effect when you buy a kit, but I put as much love into there as I possibly could!

I'm planning some fun minis in the next month or so, and I will keep you updated on those. Am still thinking of doing some kind of video/online/e-course thingy, but working out the details, planning it and then executing it are going to take a lot of time! I might be asking for helpful volunteers, so if you want in, let me know.

Life Update: I haven not been working out like I hoped, but so far so good on the "diet". Unfortunately, I put in the wrong starting weight, so now I have to lose five pounds before I even get to that point! Oh my...this is why I don't weigh myself, like, ever! To boot, I see the Frank's Cart out on the corner! I have a feeling my willpower will be tested later today when I pull out my leftovers-salad for lunch!

Jill and I had a lovely conversation yesterday and I think I have a clearer picture in my head in regards to some work-related things. More to come.

I never did finish my Zine. Guess that was one "New Favourite" that just didn't make it. I finished a couple of pages, and had ideas to finish the rest, but nothing looked right. So I have put that on the backburner for now. Maybe the warm weather will inspire me to pick it back up again!

Traffic was bad getting to work this morning, but not as bad as I thought it would be. But still bad.

Blog Update: I might have a Fashion Un-Able post (or two) for you this week, so stay tuned!

I'm liking this new layout, but I think it still needs some tweaking. And how can I be sick of this header already? I haven't even had it for that long! Harumph.

Is anyone still interested in more "Blogger FYI" posts? I have loads of ideas, but those ones weren't too well received in my survey. If there is anything specific you want to learn about, let me know and I will definitely do up a post!

If you missed my April Book List it was because I didn't do one! HA! May's Book List promises to be much more exciting. Ooh la la!

And now for some pretty things...
a layout...

(Jill thinks this is her favourite of my layouts...today)
I used a sheet of American Crafts die cut paper as a mask to make those rose shapes. Remember, there are no rules about putting flowers on boy-layouts. NO RULES!

a mini...will have to wait! I'm at work and am not looking forward to the load times on all these large photos! So I'll post that later...

a funny story...after I finished putting together my lunch the other I was reminded of Emilio Estevez. Let's see who can pick up on that reference!

Answer...it's like the giant lunch his character packed in the Breakfast Club! I just love watching him empty out that huge paper bag, then go to put it down, then realize there's still more food in there! HA!
(best movie ever...)

k. m done for today! Meeting tonight, then hopefully I'll have time to play and craft before bed. I have been hitting the sack early early lately! Am feeling very low-energy in the evenings. I think that means I have to re-evaluate what I'm eating throughout the day. Anyone have any suggestions for keeping your energy up into the evenings?


  1. I totally called the Breakfast Club. My lunch is also usually really huge to account for all the snacks I have just in case. And tupperware really takes up a lot of space.

  2. Can I just ask...is that a whole potato in your bag??

  3. GREAT post. My eyes wandered a bit, to the side, I like the new look A LOT. And thanks for last night, I had such a great time, I wish I lived in Edmonton so I could take all your classes. (and I didn't get home too late at all!)
    OOhh, I love the misted roses.


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