Tuesday, April 12, 2011

What...I never blogged these?

Well, let's fix that.

Ages ago I taught a simple mixed media class at TM, a triptych. I always complete a project alongside my students, so I can show them how to do some of the techniques as we go, and so I can show them a different ending to the project. I'm all about letting people make something they love, instead of copying my demo.

These are my finished boards...

I especially love the single panel...it looks like a rose to me, with some water droplets on it! All I did was cover the board with gesso, add some "orange" paint to my brush and apply it in big circles over the wet gesso. I splattered some water drops on it, then after the paint had dried around them, I wiped the water off. The turquoise is a paint wash that I applied once the background had dried completely, then wiped the excess off.


  1. Now I'm even sadder I missed that class!! The rose one totally *IS* a rose and it's all appropriately delicate!

  2. What?! You never blogged these? But they're so lovely!!

  3. These are FABULOUS!!!!!

  4. That rose, that rose. So pretty.


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