Monday, April 11, 2011

Make It - Storage Disguise

In keeping with my "Phrase of the Year", of which Make It is a big part, I made an afternoon's project of out of this, um, project. Check it out.
Built into our terribly ugly kitchen is this low counter that I can only assume was meant to be a desk. It's essentially just a catch-all hole underneath a drawer. Whoopity-do. I usually just throw crap there that needs to either be tossed, recycled or found a permanent home. This is also where we keep pop and beer before it makes it into the fridge.

Enter cute curtain! I would love for this hole to be day...but for now this quick fix is just what the Doctor Pepper ordered.

I found this super cute fabric from Fabricland, and bought way too much of it. The bolt is wide enough to do the entire opening, with a little extra on each side so it bunches nicely. I made a large pocket at the top (for the rod) and finished all the sides. This was a super simple sewing project, cause it's just a rectangle. You could also use that no-sew hem stuff they sell at IKEA.

I bought the curtain rod at Canadian Tire for $10, and it comes with screws and mounting brackets, and is very adjustable. After 20 minutes of making lots of noise and getting nowhere, Russel stepped in to help. He pulled out many boxes of tools, twisted his body into strange shapes to try and get underneath that stupid counter, and finished it up for me.

The total job took about 1 hour, and that includes the trip to Canadian Tire. Materials cost maybe $15 (I can't remember the cost of the fabric, but it wasn't that expensive).

I think I'm going to use the leftover fabric to make a couple of curtain panels for the window. I lucked out in that these are the colours I want (eventually) in my kitchen. The yellow in the fabric matches my main floor paint colour almost perfectly!

I hope you enjoyed this simple Make It project.
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  1. You're my "takesomethingyukky
    andmakeitwonderful" hero Lisa!

  2. Love it lisa! You domestic Goddess You!


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