Saturday, April 09, 2011

Clothe Me!

What with Spring sort of here, I have been imagining the warmer days to come, and the fun clothes I will be wearing! That is, if any of them still fit me from last year...

I'm excited to start trying things on, and pulling out all my tanks and altering some tees, and wearing my new VV-Lethbridge shorts! Most importantly, I'm excited about taking some Fashion Un-Able photos outside, where there is light and grass and not my cluttered house in the background!

If I had an unlimited budget, and were three sizes smaller, these would be making their way into my wardrobe!

yes please!

Ooh! And this one size! Be still my heart.

Not to mention, I'm already thinking new bathing suit. I wore my old (old) one the other day, and it seemed very large. And it is so not as cute as this one!

Not clothing related...Cute Custom Stationary!

Eek! Danielle Thompson, you've gone and done it again! note to readers...this would be a great fun mail prize for Lisa! Just saying...

I started my Master Composter & Recycler program this week The more I think about it, the more overwhelming it is. I'm trying to focus on the fact that while April is shaping up to be a very full month for me, it's only one month and I can get through it.


  1. Lisa those dresses are cute cute & cute!! Happy you signed up for the Mail Art Exchange :)

  2. These dresses are awesome-you always find the coolest stuff.


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