Friday, April 08, 2011

Easy Peasy Hair Clip DIY

 I love DIYs that come together easy like this! And this one is super duper easy...oh my.

So, you need a simple hair accessory and you have about 2 minutes before you leave for work...GO!

Grab a button with the big post in the back. Slip bobby pin through hole in the post. Put it in your hair. Receive Compliments!!

And Wednesday I was busy doing this...
Nothing like a fresh almost-Spring day! We jumped in puddles, and "played" Batman and Star Wars. These boys are hilarious.


  1. AWESOME photo of the little Super-Heroes. And if I had hair, I would make one of these hair clips. It's a super idea, Lisa!

  2. OMG your hair looks SUPER cute! Did you cut it or will this DYI make my hair look magically delicious too?????


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