Thursday, April 28, 2011


I'm wearing my new dress today. It's short. Like, really short.

Like, I keep checking to make sure my bum isn't showing. I check this a lot.

Every moment or two while I'm sitting.

When I get up.

As I'm wandering through the office.

I'm doing more checking than working.

There is a lot of re-adjusting, and pulling and tugging going on today.

Do you think "wardrobe malfunction" is a good excuse to go home early?

Just thought I would share! I will take a photo when I get home so y'all can have a laugh with me and at my expense at the same time.
p.s. Have you watched my video yet? NO! Why the crack not? Do it, and jump on the bandwagon before the train leaves the station (mmm...I love mixed metaphors!)


  1. Alright Lisa! I am waiting for my photo!

  2. Where is the picture ;)?


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