Monday, April 25, 2011

OMG...a vlog...

Yes. Now you too can enjoy the sounds that I make in your own home. I don't need an invitation, and I can't be uninvited...just one of the many ways I am superior to a vampire...

Also, you have to watch all the way through for the fabby giveaway! EEK! Please leave a comment below doing what the video tells you. You have until polls close in Alberta on Monday May 2nd to comment and enter to win the thing that I tell you is up for grabs.

Fashion Un-Able Vlog from Lisa Kercher on Vimeo.

Good Luck! And enjoy...I'm only a total dork for about 10 out of the 10.25 minutes this thing runs.

p.s. Happy Easter Monday...yeah, it's not technically a holiday for anyone here except Teachers and Students...oh well...


  1. I AM NOT an enabler!....Okay...maybe I am but aren't you glad? cause you wouldn't have that fabby shrug if it wasn't for me;) loves you.

    My favorite thing in my wardrobe right now is my blue cardigan.

  2. You are the best!!!!! I loved it! Several parts of your video made my heart a pitter-patter, particularily "bunk, bunk" and "oops! I got some garbage on my sock". You make me smile. I'm not sure if I can even have my name in the draw - I feel like I've won already ;)

    My favorite thing in my wardrobe right now is my blue and white striped "lion tamer" jacket from H & M.

  3. Lisa!! You make me laugh... Guess what???! I just bought 2 cardigans because of YOU!! I've always shied away from them, but I was in Reitmans the other day and saw some pretty ones and it made me think of you :)

    My favourite piece right now is my coral coloured cardigan :)

  4. You're right, you SHOULD do sound effects for the movies. My favorite thing in my wardrobe is some black straight legged Yoga-ish pants that I've had for eons and will NEVER give up, cus I suffer from the delusion that they make me look thin. (ner)

  5. Enabling is a form of...awesome? Regardless, that sweater/shrug has so much potential awesome! (in that it's awesome, and I'm looking forward to that future blog!)

    My current favourite "item" is more a combo...because layers win. So I have this blue tank, that I wear under a peachy tshirt (with lace on the chest so it's not appropriate (for me) without a tank under) and then, if I'm feeling outrageous, my fav Value Village find: a teal cardigan. It probably got me through the last few weeks with the ugly brown everywhere, yay colours!


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