Sunday, April 24, 2011

PSA of the Week > Election!

More politics/election/internet issues for you to enjoy on this Sunny Sunday. (I type that optimistically, because where I am it is not yet Sunday)

Stop the Meter > Financial post article

This came out of Open Media's "campaign" to push the Internet to the front of people's minds this election.
Vote for the Internet

Mom the Vote > You can get in on this on Facebook and Twitter, as well as the Blog world.
Mom the Vote on Parliament Absentee Rates > and I commented here! So check me out!

Some electoral law that make it illegal to publicly post election results in any part of the country before polls have closed in every part of the country. This means people in Newfoundland can't even tweet results before polls close in BC. Um, can you say ridiculous!? Thanks to Mike aka foomanizer for RT this!
Ban On Twitter, Facebook Election Night Posts Draconian
and Election night tweets, wall posts may flout law (on the same topic)

I think that's it. I thought I would put a bunch of these together, instead of breaking them all up into different posts. We vote in one week + one day people!

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