Monday, April 04, 2011

On the Road Again...Pt. 1

So, some of you might know that I took a little road trip to visit my best bud Kara and her fabby little shop in Lethbridge last week. Lucas and I went down on Thursday, did lots of thrifting and lots of eating. I only wish I took more pictures of all that stuff. Once I get around other people I tend to forget all the other things I should be doing...oh well.

Here is part one of our trip, in photos...

#1. Lunch at a wonderful greenhouse (I forget the name...)

#2. My Sushi dinner dates!

#3. Yummy Japanese beer

#4. Best Sushi evah. This one is called "Pink Lady". We also had a Creamy Lava, which is a tempura roll. And Lucas got the Golden California Roll, which is pretty much a regular California Roll except it's done tempura-style. Yes!!

We hit up the best craft store I have seen in a long time...think Lewiscraft, but without all the wool! So amazing! And then three thrift stores...I was in thrift-store heaven I tell ya! And I got some great buys, some that will be making an appearance in a Fashion Un-Able post in the neat future. Kara "stole" some lady's shelf, and I made a goof of myself in the toys and shoes departments, while Lucas played with all the toys, and pushed Kara's cart around.

It was an amazing day. Thanks Kara for being such a good friend, and a great Lethbridge-host. I know I don't say it enough (or ever really), but you are amazing! I love ya!

I'll be back tomorrow with Part Two in photos. Lots of antique store and Reynold Museum photos!


  1. love you too! you are fabulous! thank you for driving so very far to come see me! xoxox

  2. Yoo Hoo! What craft store? I go to LB all the time, my daughter lives there!


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