Friday, April 01, 2011

Lots and Lots

I am trying to strike a balance between all the content I want to post and limiting the number of posts I have in a week (seven is plenty!). So this post will cover a lot of topics so I don't have to post each topic separately.

Did that make sense?


Good, let's move on...

First, fashion.
On the left we have a snazzy peach.grey combo, with a fabulous *new* necklace I made. And you also get a sneak peek into the exciting world of periodontics. Ooh la la.
Outfit Details: pants are from Mark's (work wearhouse, that it), and the tee & sweater are both Joe Fresh.

On the right we have "I wish it was spring so I'm wearing shorts, but I'm not an idiot so I'm also wearing warm tights". K, I'm a little bit of an idiot. I actually really love this all navy/blue look...I call it "Girl Guide".
Outfit details: Shorts and beads are Value Village. Woo! T-shirt and tights are Joe Fresh. Headband is some ribbon I picked up at Urban Scrapbook (that I lurve).

Next, a mini that I am super proud of. Like, super.
It is so messy and random, and me. I put it up at TM, all on display and whatnot. The base is one of the new Jenni Bowlin "albums" and then I just went crazy from there. Pretty standard Lisa-fare. Maybe I'll do up a special post for this one, with "instructions" and everything.

Some fun mail, that was hand-delivered because it gets there faster.

Tag details: I used some old school Heidi Swapp resist paper, covered with Tim Holtz Distress Inks, then spritzed with water (best technique evah). The butterfly stamp is precious Jenni Bowlin. And the words are English, from my home made word sheets. If you take a class from me, you might just get some of these to call your very own! The sheets, not the tags. If you want a tag, you have to buy a kit.

And some doodles I've been playing around with. They are really more of a conception sketch for another project I'm thinking about.
Evidently, I'm also still trying to figure out how to put captions/titles within my images. Bear with me, people.

And, that's going to be all for now.


  1. That mini album is stunning! I can't wait to see it in person... yow-za!

  2. WooHoo! Yse, please, instructions for your SUPER-amazing album!! I enjlarged it and went ohh! Ahh! Truly.
    Love the doodle too, he is so cute.

  3. I like the shorts outfit and the necklace is Gorgeous!! Is that the mini album I was looking at on Friday? I don't remember there being that many photos of people in it, regardless, it is as Kirsten said "Stunning" :)


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