Friday, February 11, 2011

Fashion Friday and a DIY accessory!

Lordy Lordy...look what happened this week! The fashion and DIY goddesses aligned the stars in just the right way that I would have a DIY and outfit to share for you...on the same day...about the same thing! OH MY!!

Once in a blue moon, I should think!

DIY this week is a tie headwrap! Yippee!
Supplies: a tie (I'm using the Tommy Hilfiger thrifted tie (from this post), needle and thread (to match your tie).

Step the First: tie your tie (if you don't know how, I'm sure YouTube has a hundred videos to reference). You'll want the skinny end to be longer than the fat end (which is the opposite way you would wear a tie, FYI). Now, put it around your head and pull it tight so it fits just right.

Position the knot so it's at the top of your head, position the loose ends of the tie around your head and then carefully remove the whole thing from your head, making sure not to pull on the ends and tighten it (or loosen it). Pin all the ends together where they are. Now you can start sewing.
Step Three, etc: You are going to sew all the pieces together along the edges. Make sure your stitches don't go all the way through the tie, and are visible on the outside. We don't want to see them! We want people to think that magic holds the tie together!

I did take more photos for the DIY, but they are so terrible that they just aren't salvageable. will just have to use your imagination for most of the steps. It doesn't help that I picked a dark fabric and dark thread...

Remember this:
- hide your stitches along the edges and underneath
- make it as flat as bumps and gathers
- keep trying it on as you go, making sure you haven't made it too small (or too big)

And that is all...and this is the outfit it accompanied the other day.
Outfit details:
Skirt, shirt, belt: Thrifted (Value Village)
Tights: Joe Fresh from Superstore (Chevron still my heart!)
Sweater: also Joe Fresh
Necklace: an old chain and ring from when I was a little girl

I need to style my photos a little better. It wasn't till the last picture I took that I noticed the cord and tissue boxes behind me...duh! I was in a hurry (again) and wanted to get dinner going.

At least you can see my over-flowing bookshelf in the background...oh dear...

Note: If you want the look of this headband, but you don't want to sew anything, simply pin all the layers of the tie together with a cute pin or brooch. That's what I did in the photo below...

Gosh...I really need to pay attention to what's going at my feet when I take these pictures. And apparently, I also need to clean my house...

later skater alligator


  1. Fabulous! I never think to check out the mens section at Value Village, but I'm going to now! :o)

  2. Your photos show that you are real! Ha! We all have stuff lying around our house, or maybe it's just you and me :) Great outfits Lisa and I love the word art on your photos, very fancy!!

  3. You're becoming a fashion icon! I love the VV shirt. Very classy.


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