Monday, November 08, 2010

Thanks! Success!!

I am sending a huge cyber hug and thanks to all my buddies that came out to the craft fair yesterday!!

I won an imaginary prize given out by Tricia and Vanessa for bringing the most people in! They figured every second group through the door were there for me! HA!

But this kind of event just couldn't happen without one of those Lisa moments, where I think, I'll look back on this one day and laugh...

When I packed everything up on Sunday morning, it seemed like I was missing some headbands. But I figured I must have just imagined there were more. When I laid everything out on the table at the show, I got that funny feeling again, like there should have been more. And again when I was pricing everything, there was a headband listed in my book that I couldn't find in the box I brought. And again, I just chalked that up to "crazy Lisa syndrome". Things finally clicked in the afternoon when my Grandma was trying on a headband and it wasn't what she wanted, so I told her I had a turquoise one in the same style at home...and there it was! I remembered making three or four more headbands that didn't make it to the show...but where were they??

When we finally got home after dinner at Dad's, I looked every where I thought they could be, and didn't find anything. Until I looked in a random little box I had left on the DR table...and there they were! And they were the cutest things! And I can't believe I forgot them!! I remember thinking to myself "I don't need that box today, so I don't have to bring it..." and I never even thought to look inside.

So it looks like I might be signing up for another craft show...!!!

So thanks to:
Scott and Jessica
Veronica and Alexander
Trudy and Gerry
Mom and Amy and Jacob
KC, Chantel and Scarlett
Kirsten and her friend the astronaut
Heather and Marcy and Grandma
Laurie (she bought a Woollace! YAY!)

And Vanessa who served me refreshments all day and kept coming back to try on headbands and make special requests (a headband in FedEx colours she can wear to work!). And Tricia, who put the whole thing on and bought some of my doodly labels and also had lots of helpful product suggestions! And sorry to Kara and her mom who drove around looking for the place, but never found it.

And if I forgot someone, I'm really sorry! I am so exhausted today, and I am happy in the knowledge that I am going to be very busy with special orders for the next two months, but exhausted at the thought as well!

Check back later tonight for a photo update of some of the leftovers from the show, and the new ones that never made it there.

I will be taking custom orders until the middle of December...and will have everything out in time for Christmas gift-giving.

Thanks so much! My first craft show was a success only because of you guys!! Woot!

P.S. THANK YOU RUSSEL...what would I do without you?


  1. wish i had a car so i could have made it - glad it was a success :)

  2. so pleased it went well for you - wish i had a car as i would have gone.


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