Saturday, November 20, 2010

new Favourite...salad dressing

I love to buy organic salad dressing. Just reading all the strange ingredients on the back of regular salad dressing makes my stomach churn.

I found this delicious brand...Organicville and they make some great dressing! The latest one I bought is this Dijon Tarragon, which is like honey mustard yummy-ness!

Work lunches lately have been spinach salad with whatever leftover-related toppings I can scrounge in my fridge in the morning quickly before I have to leave. And then a little (or a lot!) of this dressing and I am a happy (and pleasantly full) girl at lunch!


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  1. Totally off topic but I've been watching The Walking Dead. It is pretty good actually. Not super scary like other zombie movies out there (like Sarah Polley in Dawn of the Dead). I think because it is longer than a movie you get more character development. It is more about survival than scary zombies. I'm pleasently surprised.


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