Friday, November 19, 2010

I Lurve...Paper Chains

I made some for my Halloween decor, as I was saddened to remember recycling my previous stash. But I held on to the latest ones! I just want to cover my house in them...yum
This is an Anthro store front!
And for a little girl's birthday party. I am also in love with paper pom poms and turned down a possible sale on Martha Halloween ones at Michaels in favour of making my own. Check out the patterns!
Necklaces!! Almost as awesome as my woollaces...except these are from Louis Vuitton.
and more necklaces. I really like the style of these. and they're home made!
and a different a tutorial
and my own...
I used some old pattern paper that I found stashed away (and am now trying to clean up!). I cut them in to very random shaped circles, then stitched them all together with my sewing machine. These guys are now strung up in my "studio", and I love them!!

pretty much anything made out of paper gets my heart all a-quiver...
case-in-point...the middle image...
I've been wanting to try my hand at making mobiles, but I couldn't decide on an appropriate medium. but paper would be just about perfect...

I really want to get back in to making simple small crafts. I went a little crazy with my craft show stuff...and it was very overwhelming in the end. I got away from why I love doing it and I lost my focus for a bit. But I guess on the plus side it help me figure out what is important, even if I lost site of it.

And this was your DIY for the week. Make some paper chains, or paper garlands this weekend! Have some fun, and'll appreciate the mindlessness of it!

later skater alligator

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