Friday, November 05, 2010

I love my Mother

Inside joke: my high school friends may remember when I used to actually call her "Mother" to her face, instead of calling her "Mom"

She put up some birthday decorations in our house while we were in Portland, so we were greeted with banners and streamers! And she made a photo collage for me (which I had to give back because all the photos are originals!)

So I thought I would post pictures of the pictures here, and reminisce with you all for a little bit!
 - Amy and I in matching Easter outfits (tights, hats, sandals...everything)
- My homemade soother (mom cut the top off one of my bottles, stuffed it with tissue and cardboard and I sucked on that cause I wouldn't take anything else). "Needing" a soother far past any reasonable age!
- My grade eleven (?) birthday party where I got my Keroppi umbrella from Andrea and some rad nail polish from Robin...both of which I still have.
- Disney Cruise to the Bahamas. Trip to Disneyworld with the original parents.
- Kindergarten Field trips to farms, riding horses, making bannock, wanting to be best friends with the boys!
- The progression from clarinet to alto sax (Jr. high) to bari sax (Sr. high)
- Big birthday party (maybe grade one or two) where we had to race each other to get dressed up in my dress-up clothes!...Mom always had the best party ideas!
- High school grad (woo hoo!), University grad (yawners)
- Best friends
 - For a long time I like the Montreal Canadiens for no other reason than it was the favourite team of an old boyfriend of my aunt's. And I thought he was pretty cool.
- Caught my first fish at with my Grandpa's friends at my side! Getting to drive the big boat and read the fish finder.
- Fake wedding with our best friends from down the street (that's Mom's veil). Real wedding!
- High school grad picture. The photographer really wanted to fix my hair, and she couldn't figure out why I didn't think it needed fixing! We got to laugh at all the guys for a couple of days because they got makeup on just the same as us girls!
- Dresses that Mom made. Amy and I always matching!
- West Edmonton Mall (when it was still Fantasyland) and sleep over birthdays (elementary school). Running around the neighbourhood at night. Plaid shirts because Kurt Cobain was king. (pictured: Steven M., Andrea B., Sarah H. Emily Z., Amy and her friend Heather)
- Playing Super NES for hours on end (Super Mario World, Mario Kart, Bugsy) with KL and Braden (my first official "boyfriend")
- Loving big trees, but hating to climb them.

thanks for taking this trip down memory lane with me!

no DIY for today...I'm up to my eyeballs in craft show stuff! Don't forget to come say hi on Sunday. You can get all the details here.

later skater alligator

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