Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Stale, like bread

I feel that this blog is becoming stale and uninspiring.

I have been so busy with home and school and other projects, that I just can't find the time to put together interesting posts.

So my goal this month (and next, cause let's face it, this month is half done!) is to liven up the blog!

I will have a "schedule" of sorts...a very very loose one, because we all know that I can`t keep to a schedule to save my life! And I will be posting more stuff from home, as much as I can. Photos, projects, layouts, randomness. And I really want to get a video post in before the month is through.

On a great note, I had a bit of a fashion ego boost last night. I went to Addition Elle to look at pants and tops and stuff, mostly because it was right next door to the shoe store I was just in...but that`s another story!

I bought a pair of jeggings (god is that a retarded word), size 14 and they are too big. Can you believe itÉ I sure couldn``t...god damn french keyboard! I fricken hate Windows 7 sometimes.

Anyhoo...expect some more fun posts from me in the next little bit. And I will take any suggestions you might have! Is there a particular `segment` that you enjoyÉ I know the Friday DIY projects are a big hit.

So I`m sorry I`ve been so `boring` lately, and I`m sorry about the damn french keyboard, and I hope yàll have a great Tuesday...I`m doing the tough payroll, and I have a headache and something in my eye, so I won`t be having any fun. But I will be living vicariously through you.

later skater alligator

P.S. I so won`t be finishing my 30 Before 30 list before my birthday, but I`m not worried, as it has given me a new perspective on my life that I didn`t have before. I have time, and now I have the list to fill that time!


  1. 1. That is SO COOL about the leggings.
    2. So it isn't my computer only. There are people all over the world who think I'm nuts, when I tell them my 'puter speaks French. Thank you lord!

  2. Hah! I've got dual citizenship now, thanks Lisa!!


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