Monday, September 13, 2010

Hold the Phone...

rotary phone, that is!

Have been thinking more about HOME stuff lately. Organization and decor and what not. This usually comes at me this time of year, with the changing of the season and all.

I am already "planning" some Halloween decor projects I want to tackle.

And I've been thinking about paint, and flooring, and all those goodies. And I'm really jonesing for a rotary phone to put in my studio...something red, like the Batphone!

Here's some eye candy that might inspire you as it has inspired me!

I would love that blue in my bedroom. And the walls below are so perfect! You have to read her post about them.

And speaking of re-decorating, my blog is beginning to remind me of those tacky My Space pages all covered with tacky. So I am going to attempt a re-do that this month as well. Didn't I attempt this awhile back?? Stay tuned...

And did someone say home tour? Maybe not in full, but I hope to have some photos of the bestest rooms posted soon. I expect you to hold me to this, and hound me if I don't come through for you!

later skater alligator dance in...


  1. i think im in love with that map wallpaper- SO cute!!!

  2. I totally thought that was map wall paper! It looks totally rad!


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