Wednesday, September 08, 2010

sapphires and steel

so I sat down at the laptop to write a blog post this morning and I immediately got distracted by the giant pile of emails in my Inbox. Serves me right for having a life last week and not taking some computer time...oh my...

I know I promised I'd have a post on the weekend, and then all of a sudden it was Tuesday. oops.

so here it is...a real post from me...full of brand new layouts and Lisa-randomness

corn maze
Edmonton Corn Maze
first day of kindergarten
5th birthday

life truths:
- I need to is a stress relief and a pleasure!
- it's damn cold in my house right now...I had to put on a sweatshirt
- Lucas is the king of freak outs
- I need more than one "cup" of coffee to start the day
- Working out at night makes it easier to get up in the morning
- The playground and the front step are the awesomest places in the world right now
- I cried this morning after dropping Lucas off at school
- I really needed today off of work
- I really want to do another video blog week? maybe??
- I love my yellow walls
- "Shuffle all songs" is the best way to listen to my iPod
- On that note, don't you love it when you hear a song on the radio and think "I need to own that song" and then you hit shuffle on your iPod and it starts to play?
- I am totally starting to get really excited for my vacation...Lucas' teacher even gave us some "material" to "review" while we're away so he doesn't get behind...ha!!

I made a little painting to hang up at work. Once I have finished all the little details and made sure it's secure in its frame, I'll post a photo. It's just a watercolour of a leaf, but it's nice. I made it to match the colours in our new office...which is so nice by-the-way.

I am thinking of renting a table at the craft fair our Community League is hosting in November. If any of you would like to join me, share a table and maybe sell some crafty things, let me know. I'm not sure when the deadline is for getting the table, but I'll get you that info if you are interested.

I had another crafty-business project in the planning process but it got sidelined once birthday and school season started. I'm hoping to start working on it again later in the year and (fingers crossed) have something up and running in January/February. I'm really excited for this...I have lots of doubts about it being a success, but I have to try, or else I'll always wonder if I could have made something of it...

I love you all, and I promise I won't be away again for so long...I missed you!
later peeps

p.s. I pulled my bundle down last week. Once I get some photos of it, and take it apart I will post the results here. I'm going to do another one before the snow flies...if you want to join in, feel free!


  1. Love the pics, especially the ones of Lucas' birthday party!

  2. Hey Lisa!
    Love your new layouts!
    You go girl (with the business thing)!! You never know where new paths lead :)


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