Sunday, June 20, 2010


My latest project involves letting nature run its course. There is an art movement centred around bundling together paper, metal and other found objects and leaving them outside to let the rain and snow and sun alter them. Once their time is up, depending on what has happened, I plan on using these elements in my other art. I read an interesting article in a Cloth Paper Scissors issue I picked up at the store the other day about this, and just had to try it. I collect so much stuff that just sits around, waiting, and I thought this would be a perfect way to use them up.

This first one is all bits of paper, envelopes, some metal hinges, feathers and plastic bits.


I'm still building this next one, but I started by liberally spraying a bunch of scrap paper with Ranger colour wash in every colour I own. Then I bundled all these papers together, cut the bundle in half, and secured each half to some cardboard. I still might add more paper or other little bits, but it was really fun to just spray and make a mess with no plan in mind!

I'll give you an update on my bundles (there will probably be another one at least, for a total of three) in a month or so. I'm interested to see how each one disintegrates and how different the process will be depending on what I included in the bundle.

later skater alligator

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