Thursday, August 19, 2010

Summer Fun

I want to try this...check it out.

And this DIY looks too awesome! Even though I'm not too keen on all the wasted water.

Jackie Parker's Splash Park has opened for the summer. I'm sure Lucas and I will get there a couple of times. There's a splash park down the street from my grandparents house as well. Lucas would live in the water if he could.

And I need to find a better way to make this tasty treat. I can't stand store bought cannister dough.Ugh. if only I wasn't so useless in the kitchen, I'm sure I could come up with a substitute no problem.

I'm hoping to send lots of fun mail over the summer! Filled with fun summer treats, and recipes and what not. Now, if only I got some in return...hint hint...maybe I'll find myself an online swap or something. I'm thinking lots of bright colours, and doodles, and packages of Kool Aid!! Yippee!

For some reason I'm in the mood to go home, grab a dictionary, and punch out Martha Stewart butterflies to my heart's content. Maybe in the backyard. With a drink...

The fam went Orienteering again last night. This time we wandered around Muttart, Gallagher Hill, the Ski Club, etc. Lucas really likes finding the flags, but he was worried we wouldn't be able to find the car when we were done. It was a great time I need to bring my camera or else I will beat the crap out of myself for forgetting again. This was the best membership we ever bought.

Lucas "graduates" from playschool tomorrow. His last day. I am trying not to freak out. He's a big boy now and it's driving me crazy. I want him to stay just as he is...

*****originally composed back in June...and I'm just posting it now...go figure!

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  1. Oh I totally love the water idea, so neat!


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