Thursday, August 19, 2010

Happy 5th Birthday Lucas!!

his first birthday present was sleeping in!

and then Starbucks Ginger Molasses Cookie for breakfast. we were only two minutes late for camp.

and we have a big day planned: lunch out with Grandma. meet up with Grannie and Pa for a present! World of Cars online to test out the new Sponsorship!! Dinner out with Poppa at Boston Pizza. Dessert somewhere fun afterwards.

And I thought I would share a birthday-related DIY with you today. But wait, you say! It's not Friday!? Yes, I know. I'm spoiling you with two DIY projects this week...lucky you!

I decided on a Cars theme for Lucas' birthday, and instead of buying plastic crap at the Dollarama I wanted to make my own decorations. Lucas is mildly obsessed with tires (always has been, really), so I wanted to make a tire banner of some sort. And I got to thinking: what looks like a tire? The answer: a record!! And Lucas' favourite tire is a white wall, so I set about making these records into white wall tires.

I stopped by one of my favourite thrift stores (Salvation Army in Capilano) and picked up these beauts for a song (actually, they were 50cents a piece). And I picked ones in the appropriate colours for a McQueen, yellow and red.

I made a quick circle template using the lid of a margarine container cut out of some construction paper. If you fold this in half, then half again and cut off the tip, you have a nice reference for getting things all lined up. Just line up that hole with the one in the record and you know your circle is in the centre!

The large circle around the outside is a Heidi Swapp mega mask.

Secure your masks/stencils with tape or adhesive. Then spray with white spray paint.

And it's not a perfect job by any means. But I'm satisfied with it.

I'm going to string these up like a banner, hoping that I can punch or drill holes into them without the clay shattering!

And I've already got homes for two of these once the party is done. They make great decorations on a day-to-day basis as well.

And now, since I am sick from the paint fumes, I think I will take it easy until pick up time. Lucas really likes camp...he came home yesterday "singing" a song about a humongous squid. But he can't remember how the rest of the song goes. Something about eating lots of little fish, or something. It's funny to hear him shout humongous squid over and over again.

I love camp.

FYI: the new Queen E pool is being built west of the parking lot at Kinsmen Rec Centre as we speak.
It looks super awesome.

later skater alligator

ps. the new IKEA catalogue came to my house yesterday...umm...YIPPEE!

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