Wednesday, August 18, 2010

i love camp!!

i got lots done today. did some running around while lucas was at camp, finished my last pillow case! put up some pictures in lucas' room, laundry, and more! boy howdy!!

my thrift store and antique shopping ventures lately have been very successful. a couple of weeks ago I found a great green chair in Decade to Decade, but I didn't buy it...ack!! And I've been trying to get back there ever since, with my fingers crossed that the chair would still be there. It totally was, and I totally bought it.

It's lime green velvet (the same colour as my wall), and in super great shape. All it needed was a little vacuuming. Lucas really likes it...he puts his cars underneath and lifts the fabric at the front like it's a garage.

I stopped at Mildred's Antiques today. Lots of fancy, beautiful and expensive stuff in there. So I did lots of browsing and drooling, but no purchasing.

And then I went down the road to the Antique Mall, and found lots of goodies...check it out...

Two bags for my upcoming holiday (the yellow one is super cute, and the blue one is crazy funky), some cabinet cards that have already found a home on the green wall, a globe bank, and a tobacco container. I figure that will be good to keep little journaling cards organized. The letter holder is one I have been keeping an eye out for, for a long time as well. And I love the kitschy fruits painted on the front!

they are all double sided with different fabrics in the same palette - turquoise, green, orange, yellow and a little splash of red. this picture totally doesn't do the colours justice...what is with the light today?? one more thing to check off on my 30 Before 30 List! Yay!!!

I did up a fun DIY taking some inspiration from these pillowcases. check back Friday for the full details.

note: I am by no means a sewing expert...I'm super novice actually. So these pillowcases are really crooked and completely anti-perfect, but they were so easy to do! Cut to fit an old pillow. Pin right sides together then stitch all the way around, leaving a big opening to put the pillow in. I stitched up the hole with some coloured embroidery floss because I can't do that slip-stitch thingy to save my life! Just adds to the quirkiness of the pillows. Try it out...

Orienteering was awesome tonight. Back to my old stomping grounds...the UofA. Lucas always spends the first leg complaining that his legs are tired and he doesn't think he can make it. And then he gets over himself and has some fun!

He especially likes the cookies at the end.

Am off to bed now.

See you back here tomorrow for a Birthday Post! YAY!! And some pictures of my latest decorating project.

later skater alligator

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  1. Love the pillow cases! Very nice!


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