Thursday, August 26, 2010

stars in my eyes

I have been taking photos of my outfits recently, so I have a visual reminder of things to take to Portland. So far, skirts and cardigans with my big belts are winning out. And now I have 10 t-shirts coming at me to take along as well.

I have no idea what the weather is like in Portland in September! Am thinking skirts and t-shirts, but maybe I should be thinking jeans and scarfs! Is the Farmer's Almanac available in webbering form? Probably...everything else is.

What would you wear to a "foreign" radular city? Aside from a good pair of walking shoes, which I am not bringing cause where's the fun in that?? gots to show off my cute toes!

I found some slick outfits on the JCrew website, but i can't figure out how to save them. they are funky and super i think I could pull them off with any semblance of non-ridiculousness? no, no I don't. I am not a skinny waif, so that look just doesn't fly with me. well, I can try can't I!? I'll only look the fool if I feel that way too.

Did I mention I sold my Big Shot? And I found a place to spend the $$...I bought 10 t-shirts! HA! Maybe if I have any $$ leftover after the exchange, I'll find some white converse sneakers. I've been dreaming of white converse sneakers lately, for some reason.

source...this site also shows gold and silver converse that are "hip to be square", if you know what I mean (not that Huey Lewis and/or the news would ever wear such rad sneakers)

speaking of t-shirts, awesome and the word "probably", last night at Orienteering (which was awesome btw) there was a young girl of the teenaged variety wearing a wonderful t-shirt that read: "this is prolly the awesomest t-shirt I own"

yes, yes that is awesome.

I'm thinking I want to have one made that says: "And yes, I am this awesome in real life."

But enough about t-shirts...gosh, can't a girl be obessesd about something other than boys and wait...krakatoa.

*****, no I am not.

I've got a post going up on the weekend about how I may seem like I've got it all together, but really that's mostly just crazy talk.

So when I saw this post, I had a good giggle. She might not have her pages in an album, but they still look organized to me. I haven't put a layout in an actual album in a very long time, and it is starting to catch up to me.

That is a project for another day...boy howdy.

Hey! That's another thing I could get printed on a t-shirt: "bow howdy". Or maybe, "gosh".

Pretty much anything I say sounds "special" so I have a plethora of possible permutations to have immortalized forever in ink and cotton. Yes...I am this awesome in real life - schmoodle.

I just realized that I haven't posted any photos of Lucas' b-day party yet? And it's already been 5 days. What the deuce?

I also haven't finished those lovely thank you albums I did up for the kids. Slacker slacker bo-backer.

I have been playing with 3D Chalk spray paint and two 5 year olds, and watching lots of sci-fi tv, so that's what's important!! HA!

Note: for those of you with kids...Superstore has all their summer fun stuff on super sale right now. I got three jars of 3D paint, some chalk sticks, a bunch of stencils, a roller and tray for $2.44! Blow your mind!!


I have decided that I can't stand "pretty" things. I like a little grungy, little rough around the edges look. A little imperfection to be truly wonderful. This goes for scrapbooking, decor and life in general really.

Last night Orienteering took place across the street from the old Queen E pool. We headed up the hill into the homes that are in such a weird place, it's beyond awesome. And thanks to their wonderful view, many lots have been snatched up and giant stucco monstroities put up in place of the quirky little homes that probably used to reside there.

We got a tiny itty bitty taste of the little tiny home nestled snug among the po-mo giants. Green, with a porch and two oldish people sitting in their rocking chairs. Swoon, be still my heart, and all that jazz.

So I told Russ to keep on playing the lotto, so maybe one day I could call Lavigne Road home!

but I can't get a street view on Google...cursed internet!

gosh, another boring, text-only post. sorry!

I need some chocolate.

later skater alligator

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