Friday, August 27, 2010

Friday DIY - art to match

I had lots of little pieces of fabric leftover after my pillow project. And I have been jonesing for a picture to put in a frame that has been sitting empty on my wall for ages.

So I put the scraps to good use, and made some art to match my pillows!

You will need:- Leftover fabric scraps from a recent project
- Thin cardboard, cardstock, cereal box, whatever
- Sewing machine, or needle and thread to handstitch
- Letter stencil
- Spray paint to match (or paint and a brush)

Step One: Arrange your fabric scraps on a piece of cardboard or cardstock. I'm using some leftover piece from a package of something so it's nice and white and glossy.

Step Two: Sew them on, either with your machine or by hand. It can be messy. Try switching up your stitches, to zig zag or an X if you're hand stitching.

Step Three: Once you've got your pieces on and you're satisfied with all that, grab a letter stencil and place it down on your background. This can be your initial or a short word. Spray with spray paint, or use a brush and some paint.

Step Four: I used spray paint to make the edging as well. I just placed some small pieces of cardboard around the edge, covering most of the background but leaving a bit of the edge showing. Then I sprayed with the same colour I used for my letter.

And now you have a piece of art to match the fabric in your room.

Stick it in a frame, with or without glass, and post it for all to see!

have fun

later skater alligator


  1. Lovely! Where is this wall in your house? Your home must be a gallery...

  2. this is one of the walls in my living room (the sofa wall). I pretty much have a wall of art on every wall. That is to say, every wall is an "art wall".

    Once I figure out if I'm putting a shelf up in my dining room, it's going to get the full treatment as well!


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