Sunday, August 29, 2010

Studio Tour...anatomy of the process

And since I only use little bits of paper on my layouts, those big 12x12 sheets last me a long time. I have the old school Cropper Hopper magazine-holder-style paper storage, and the paper is divided by cardboard sheets that I made myself. In front of each colour section is an old page protector that I can put my scraps into. This makes things really quick for me pulling things and then putting them away afterwards.
dividers...some leftover cardboard with scraps of colour stapled on the edge.

scrap paper holders...

more storage...I make use of what I have on hand, or what I can get for cheap at a thrift store. Playdoh containers, and DelMonte pineapple containers (with a blue screw lid) make great button holders, again organized by colour. The old bread box makes a great second shelf, with store inside.
I love shoe boxes and cereal boxes. At work, the implant materials come in these perfect, low-profile, white boxes. Karen keeps them just for me! Everything gets a little green paper cover and a label. I use sticker sheet paper from Staples. Cheap, plentiful, and I can cut out my own shapes and sizes.

Decor...simple, and easy to change when I get sick of it later (skater alligator!).
Cheap IKEA photo ledge. Look through the as-is section for some good deals. I like to display my art and things that are inspirational to me.

To unify all the random storage containers I have, I applied a piece of green pattern paper to each of them. If I ever want to change the colour scheme in here, all I have to do is cut a new piece of paper and stick it on! Currently my colours are green, red and pink (thanks to the walls...I thought I would embrace it!)

I love my Antonius storage units from IKEA. Two house ago, Talia posted pics of her scrapooking room, and she had the same kind of storage. They worked so well under a desk and fit so much stuff. And they are very inexpensive, and you can get all kinds of different drawers for them. So I bought one, and then I had to buy another. I'm actually thinking of getting a table top to put on the second one so I can use the space on top of it as well. It used to be underneath the desk as well, but with the new configuration of my room it just doesn't fit.
If you don't have lots of room, make use of the walls. Get some big bookcases, or peg board, or tall shelving units that you can mount above your desk. I have lots of space, but I also have lots of stuff, so I have to get creative in the ways I store it. The space below my desk is crammed full, and so are all the shelves I have put up so far. But as long as everything has a space, and a label so I remember where it goes, everything gets used as well.

Final note: I am a disorganized person. So even though the previous pictures might make it seem like I've got it "going on", I really don't!! This is what my desk looks like right now. I'm not even going to show you the floor!! I like to make use of all the little bits and bobs on my desk when I'm scrapping, so for the most part this mess doesn't bug me. And when it does I just find an empty box and fill it up with bits and bobs to use later.

This is my room. My studio. It's finally starting to get to the place I want and need it to be!
I hope you enjoyed this mini-tour!

later skater alligator

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