Thursday, August 26, 2010

Ask me a question...

Many many posts ago, I asked if anyone out there wants to know more about my scrapbooking layouts, inspiration, process, etc. I was going to put some fancy formspring thing in the sidebar, but I thought that might be too fancy.

If you want to know anything, about anything, please just ask!

Ginger wanted to know how I get my inspiration for my layouts...if it's from blogs, or magazines, or what... If I pull my supplies first, or if I have photos in mind before I start.

The answer is all!

I usually have a photo in mind, even if I haven't printed if out yet. I just pull papers I like and think might go well...and I'm so not a matchy-matchy scrapbooker! And then I pull some embellishments as well. I always pull way more than I will ever use, but this way I'm giving all the supplies a chance to speak for themselves and I'm not limiting myself to only a few things.

I scrapbook by all my paper is organized that way. And I am inspired by colour as well, so it's a great marriage.

Sometimes I use another layout as an inspiration, but I rarely "scraplift" takes too much effort for me. I like to look a fashion and crafty blogs for inspiration...textures, colours, titles, that sort of thing. There are a lot of great scrapbookers and crafters blogging some great stuff out there! They inspire me mostly to just do my own thing, and find my own style.

I used to sketch things out, but now I just start gluing and let things happen on their own. I am by no means a perfectionist when it comes to scrapbooking and art making. If I don't like the final product, whatever. I captured a memory, a moment and that's all that matters. The process is important to me, and if I learn something from my "mistakes", then I'm better for having made them.

Here's an in-progress layout. I had some scraps left over from my pillowcases, so I sewed them randomly on the paper. And now I'm in the process of grabbing other bits and pieces from my desk to put on here. So far, no photo comes to mind!

I hope that was interesting to info post, I'll do a little studio tour...oh my...

later skater alligator

**Update: I found a photo and am in the process of finishing this bad boy! yay!

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