Sunday, July 04, 2010

new blue

new "technique" is's not a Technique, per se, or a Trend really...but it's a good idea dammit! why do I have to limit myself...???

new layout below. and as it happens, I am totally over "monochromatic scrapbooking" as of this layout...
on the other hand, isn't jacob adorable in his little Canada outfit?
what did y'all do for Canada Day? we did the Silly Summer Parade and the Event in Sherwood Park.

Saturday was the races at International Speedway outside of Wetaskiwin.
My step dad is finally home.
Swimming lessons start tomorrow morning.
we had sandwiches at a cool little Vietnamese hole-in-the-wall on Whyte Ave. Yum.
Ran into Betty and Veronica at the Farmer's Market on Saturday. Note: that might be the coolest sentence I have ever written in my hole life!

I've been reading like a madwoman this week. some good, some awful. this is what happens when I hit a funk...I read and read and read until there is nothing new left in the house to read and then I start reading old stuff and then I get out of the funk. I'm at the "old stuff" phase now. so hopefully the funk is on its way out.

that being said, I haven't finished my gift art journal, and I missed the last week's worth of prompts for my online class. and I keep forgetting to sign up for the next one.

also, here is a way to get yourself off the computer for one whole week. have your husband "hide" (in plain site) his worked like a charm!

later skater alligator


  1. Betty & Veronica? Wow! You're one lucky duck :P It was nice seeing you too! I had a lovely time at the market just browsing. The weather was just perfect except for a little windy and I had to be careful my skirt didn't blow up and I flash everyone! :P

    Canada Day I was stuck at work :( My flight didn't leave until 5pm and when I finally made it home I passed out for 12 hours. Oh well. Next year I'm sure it will be better :P

  2. I need a husband like that. Maybe I'd get something done. No, wait, I need a husband. Or maybe not.


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