Friday, July 02, 2010

Friday DIY - Bleach a T-shirt

I bought this shirt at VV ages ago, and while I like the colour and shape, it just seemed a little boring. And you know how much I hate boring.

So I razzed it up a little last week. And all you wil need is:
- bleach
- paint brush
- wax paper

Step one: Cut the wax paper to fit inside your shirt. You don't want the bleach to seep through to the back side of your shirt, and wax paper will prevent this. Plus it looks really cool once you're done with it.
You can use a safety pin to make sure the wax paper stays put once you start painting.

Step two: Pour some bleach into a small cup or bowl. You don't need to water it down or anything.

Step three: Figure out what kind of pattern you want on your shirt. I did simple circles within circles. But also remember that there are such things as happy accidents...I slopped my bowl of bleach onto my shirt and love how it was looking, so I did it again in another spot (so it didn't look like a mistake!!)

Step four: Use your paintbrush dipped right in the bleach to draw your pattern. Splatter some bleach around the pattern by flicking your paint brush.

The bleach will start to effect the shirt right away.

Once you have your pattern all done, and the bleach has done its job, rinse it out. Try and get all the bleach off, so it doesn't keep working on your shirt!

Also keep in mind that this technique works best on a cotton shirt. My was mostly cotton, with a bit of spandex. And also remember that a black shirt will turn brown and ivory with bleach.

here is my new shirt! you can kind of see how the pattern is focused mostly on the lower bit there, on the front and back. I also did a little up on the opposite shoulder.

and with a sweater...
and yes, I really am this awesome in real life.

and yes, I love whoever is getting rid of all their practically brand new clothes that fit me and taking them to VV. you are my new best friend, whoever you are. Outfit details: sweater from RWandCo (on sale), shirt and shorts from VV, blue shoes (trust me) from VV.

later skater alligator


  1. That is really cool! Thanks for the tip!

  2. OMG!! I LOVE your shirt! You ARE Awesome! Not to mention you look great Lisa!


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