Wednesday, June 30, 2010

just give me a moment here...

Yesterday was a quiet storm for me. A storm raging in my brain. And the only way to work it out was to sit on the couch and watch Star Trek all day. First Enterprise, then the "original", then TNG, then Deep Space Nine (which I almost always refuse to watch), then Voyager.

And then the real storm began. Wasn't the sky just totally amazing last night? I wish my camera had been able to capture the craziness of it.

but today is much better, thank you, and I can continue getting on with things.

First, I must "make fun" of a large population of ladies (and potentially, gentlemen!?) out there who waited in lines all day yesterday to watch the midnight showing of Twlight Eclipse. Really!? Really!?!?!? C'mon people. One of the gals at work was trying to get tickets to a 6 hour Twilight movie extravaganza and I told her she should just find a dark closet and lock herself in it for 6 hours. That it had the same entertainment value. Ouch! I have nothing against vampires and werewolves...I am a huge fan of the sci-fi, fantasy, etc. genre that these beasties fall into. But I also like a good story. Well-written, with interesting and complete characters. And even more, in a movie I prefer a good story and good actors. I feel this franchise falls well short of my pretty average standards.

Plus I don't have the "hots" for either Jacob or Edward. And I think Bella is a snivelling little girl.

There...I said my piece and counted to three.

Now that's a good movie...O Brother Where Art Thou. No vampires or werewolves. But it has everything else you could ever want.

On to other things...for reals this time... drawing a blank here...

did anyone like my video post from Monday? I think it's super cool!

Can you believe it's already July tomorrow? And a holiday to boot!?!?! I think all months should begin and end with a holiday. On principle.

I am having such a good time in the online class I am taking right now, I have been art journaling like crazy. Plus I started one for a friend...we'll see how that works out for me. (and her...)

Some inspiration for you on this "hump day"...

now, go out and enjoy the sun!

later skater alligator

p.s. sorry to my hubby that I was such a grumpaloo yesterday...


  1. I say YAY! to Star Trek marathons! And you don't like Deep Space Nine? It's my favorite!!

  2. Does that really work, watching Star Wars? I hate Star Wars, but I'd be willing to have a PVR in my office if that would keep me from wanting to hurt people.
    I liked the video.
    Happy Canada Day tomorrow. I'm working. oh so sad.....

  3. I must be the only person who has not read the series nor watched the movies! I'm slightly interested, but not enough to follow the masses.

    P.S. I love the fox photo - very COOL!


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