Monday, July 05, 2010

the forgotten

that could be the title of the story of the movie of my life: "the forgotten"


I did forget about the giveaway. sorry peeps. fortunately, this just gives me more time to collect awesome things for it! hazaah! And i'm still totally serious about getting twenty comments (or more) before I give this baby away.

it is cold at work today. chilly willy. and I get to stare out my window at the rainy, empty sidewalks below. i'm so happy it's raining today and will be nice and warm on Wednesday. maybe Lucas and I will leave the house this week.

Today I am inspired by...




I can't wait to go camping this month!! Granted, the trailer I will be sleeping in isn't near as cool or retro as an Airstream, but it's a fricken huge and awesome (so I am told) trailer. No tent, no freezing cold nights, no rain drips through the tarp...where's the fun!?!? To pack: comfy clothes, a good book, cookies, sunglasses, camera, portable scrapbook

Happy Summer Everyone!

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  1. Hope the weather improves for your adventure! But no matter, it will be great, I'm sure!


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