Tuesday, July 20, 2010

life and etc.

This article makes me feel...something...it's like vindication, but not really. Like satisfaction. Or camaraderie. Or a connection beyond time with the moms of the world. it's peace really, knowing that I'm not the only who feels this way.

Kyla sums things up perfectly, re: my thoughts on "soul mates" here. Read on: I really don’t like the idea that there’s only one person out there for you, and if you don’t meet them you’re out of luck. My experience of the world isn’t nearly so straight forward, and I don’t like the idea that we’re all on one narrative track. The world is full of so much mystery, I think it has much more interesting stories up its sleeves for us than that.

To me, a more exciting and grounded idea is that there are a whole range of people out there, scores of them even, who would make all of us happy. The idea is to narrow that down to the person you’re most fascinated by, and who you can really help and grow with. That puts the romance in the choice to be together and in making a happy life together, that sounds like much more fun to me!

Isn't she one smart chickie! I think so...she is my new current favourite blogger. she has a fabulous blog!

what else...

if you haven't checked out Pugly Pixel, you must. Even though I don't know my way around all these png filey things, I am quite in love with her washi tapes and macaroons, and paper buffet and all other clever freebies on the site. digital freebies. I must figure things out, and then use these up to my heart's content! hoorah!

this site is crazy good. i really like the Moby Dick one. i've been craving some super rad t-shirts lately. so threadless is on my check-daily list of sites. this week's tees: boy in the weeds - which you can also buy as a wall graphic, and it would only be better if there was a hay bale on it somewhere
let the game continue - which I think KC would really love!
the communist party - because who doesn't love a party? or rather, even Communists like to party!

k. am done babbling for now.

what a random post? I {heart} randomness. I wonder where I will be when this post actually goes live? in bed?? hopefully.

later skater alligator

p.s. if any of y'all have a super rad site or sites that you just love, link them up here and share the love peeps!


  1. Dear Lisa,
    Did you put that quote on for me? It was perfect timing.
    love you!

  2. Threadless has some funny ones!


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