Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Inspired by...Summer...

I am almost officially sick of my Inspired by...Summer series on the TNT blog. I have been working like crazy to post fun and inspiring layouts with great summer topics. For the past two weeks. Thankfully I get to move on to my next topic on Friday. Not that I don't love summer layouts...I just want to move on!

I have been going back through some of my old albums to find layouts to post, and I am having a great time! There are some layouts that I am still madly in love with, and so happy at the result. this is the reason I scrapbook and it makes me love scrapbooking even more!

teal, orange, and black...and it's a 12x12! and those lovely Prima Lollipop flowers...dreamy

homemade buttons, and my favourite stamp-fonts

painted flowers and my all-time favourite colour combo

sparkly palm trees and my go-to grid

please check out all the layouts posted over on the TNT blog...there are more going up tomorrow as well!

now I've got to see a man about a train...

later skater alligator

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  1. I for one am glad you're going through your old LO's. Sweet!


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