Thursday, July 15, 2010

...everything's coming up Kurt, this time for me!

tonight I got my hair cut. i guess i should have taken a picture when it was still light out...oh well! it's short...

and I finally finished the last post of the Inspired by Summer series on the TNT blog...thank goodness! here's a little sneak. for the entire layout check out this post.
Made with love - layout

tomorrow is girls day out with Kara (fingers crossed), and some class prep for my class tomorrow at TM. just one student...oh well. plus, I told KC I would work the whole day. I'm taking bets on when I start going crazy...i haven't worked a Saturday in a long long time!

if you're in the neighbourhood, check out this post for Nadine's card class. I am so in love with the color purple right now, even though I am not a card-maker I am tempted to join in!!

I also want to get some Art Walk in tomorrow. I forgot about it until I read a wall post on Facebook. oh happy reminder! lots of inspiration...

This is your last day to enter to win one of my fabulous giveaways! So become a followers, and leave a comment on this post. You have a great chance at winning something...the odds are definitely in your favour!

I think I'm going to watch a little Doctor Who, and finish a little headband DIY before going to bed. We went to the Farmers Market tonight and I scored some super delicious tiny potatoes...and ate way too many of them at dinner, so I worked out to even it out and now I am getting sleepy. But they were so challenge to you this weekend is to eat local. Go to your local Farmers Market and pick up some fresh fruit or veggies and gorge yourself on deliciousness! You won't regret it!!!

later skater alligator

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  1. Interesting you've said this, I plan on going to the Farmer's Market after work today! Have a wonderful weekend!


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