Friday, July 16, 2010

Friday DIY and a WINNER

And the winners of the Sweet Sweet giveaway are:
#1. Ginger

#2. Kelly

#3. Rachel

#4. Nadine

So if I don't have them already, please email me your mailing address, and I will get these babies shipped out as soon as humanly possible! Congrats!! Note: if any of your are from south of the border, I have learned through experience that it takes around two weeks for anything from me to get to you don't think I forgot!!

And here is your DIY for the week...a lovely headband!

I knitted a narrow rectangle, with a thin grey yarn. I don't know the official name of the stitch, but it's knit 2. purl 2. Make it as long as you want...mine goes from one ear to the other.

Then I attached it to a piece of white ribbon from the store using white embroidery floss. It's messy, but it does the job. Make sure to overlap with the knitted piece 1"-2", and add a lot of stitches!

The knitted piece makes it a little stretchy, so I made sure the entire piece was tight against my head. For now it will remain plain, but I might add a felt flower in the future (when I figure out how to make one just right)

And you can also kind of see how short my hair is. It's very short. It took me approximately 1.5 seconds to "do" my hair this morning. loves.

today was superb, by the way. thank you kara for the perfect "date". plus I got to cross off another 30 Before 30 item! we did some great thrifting, and art supply learning, and girly clothes shopping. plus Greek for lunch...couldn't ask for a better day. also, I learned that I really love "jazz shoes" and images of bows on dresses. go figure.

I will take pictures later to share my goodies. but for now, i'm going to get a work out in before I finish the prep for my class tomorrow.

congrats again to the winners...but remember you are all winners in my book!

keep your eye to the sky for more giveaways in the next month or so. I've got a bunch of great ideas again!!

later skater alligator...

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