Saturday, July 17, 2010

chalk is fun!

I had to buy more chalk the other day, as Lucas and I used it all up! we are crazy for sidewalk chalk.
chalk is fun!
lucas was very very upset when it rained the first time and washed all our chalk away. so these are pictures of the replacement drawings.
chalk is fun!
then it started raining again, and lucas was upset (again) so I asked him if he would like me to run outside in the rain and get some photos of our art before it disappeared again. and he said yes, he would like that very much!
chalk is fun!
here's a tip for ya: soak your chalk in water. the colours are more vibrant, and it is much easier to "apply". but you do run through chalk a lot faster.
the purple thing on the left is supposed to be Lucas' handprint. he saw me tracing my hand, and wanted to do the same! the brown line running under my feet is a really (really) long candy cane.

later skater alligator
(p.s. we never meant to stay here, we were here for the gold...)

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