Tuesday, July 13, 2010


today is a cold, blustery, rainy, dreary day. I'm thinking Edgar Allen Poe, or the Cat in the Hat story before the Cat gets there.

last night I was so tired. After I put lucas in to bed I cleaned up a little downstairs then promptly put on my pjs and read Sense and Sensibility in bed before going to sleep myself before 11! Oh my! That's early for me. I sort of remember Russ coming to bed shortly after - with his laptop - and me hitting the lap top because I was flailing around for some reason...!?!? I think I might also have been chatting...oh dear. I was up at 6, which is also a rarity for me, and at work by 8:30. It's all the working out I did on the weekend...I've got this weird and wonderful burst of energy! now, I must put it to good use (and not evil, y'know, cause with great power comes great responsibility...)

I have been working on some fun fun things! But nothing is really complete as of yet. So I'm hoping for a super awesome blog post tomorrow, or Thursday at the latest.

Thanks to everyone new who has been checking out my blog, and entering my giveaway! I also plan on getting some blog-reading in tomorrow and I hope to check out all of your blogs as well. So exciting!

I heart jackalopes and pen-and-ink drawings. this is a match made in heaven...

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