Friday, June 11, 2010

A Picture...

As promised, I have a photo here. Just the one.

I got a hair cut the other day, and no one noticed. Oh well. I think it looks totally awesome...much better than the shaggy-do I have been sporting for the past forever.

I have to get all the old pictures off my card, organize them, and print the playschool ones.

Have I mentioned I have a cold. Boo.

Today I am doing more cleaning and stuff to prepare for the dinner guests we're having over tomorrow for Russ' birthday. I am only a tiny biy stressed, as they are a small group, and my nearest and dearest fam.

And I work the crop tonight, which means more playing!

Maybe I'll get my butt in gear for a DIY, but don't hold your breath!! I did finish my TNT post for today (yay), which is practically a miracle in itself. And I worked out while Lucas was at school, but then I got distracted by a Road Atlas on the bookshelf, and the obligatory Friday morning phone call from my dad, and I never really finished. But I was sweaty, and that's what's important!!

sorry to end on the sweaty note, but...

later skater alligator...

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  1. Your hair looks great! ANNNNDDD tada...My book arrived in the mail today and I am about to sit down and "Wreck my Journal"!! Thank you Lisa, I am one happy camper!!
    Hey, my verification word is "beaman". Can you see me "beaman"? lol


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