Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Slackers of the World Unite!

I have so not been in the mood to accomplish anything as of late.

I did a lot of reading on Sunday, in the sun. And yesterday, inside cause it was cold and rainy out (what the...!?).

But I haven't actually done anything. Friday and Saturday were busy in our house getting ready for Russel's "party" Saturday night (which was totally fun, by the way). I guess I just feel like I did a lot on those days, so now I have some flex time! HA!

Did I finish any of my goals from last week? Let's see...
- Vulcan album...still not done
- dresser...still in hallway
- blog post about little cars...not even in the works
- EFMF...sold out
- hair cut...check!
- dental appt...nope
- video post...not even an idea
- Electra's mail...yes!!
- grad pictures for school...done today, with two absentees tomorrow
- grad party...was totally awesome even though it was cold and rainy!

I guess I'm doing okay in terms of "getting things done", but not as good as it could be.

Last night Lucas and I had an interesting conversation before he went to bed, him at the top of the stairs and me at the bottom, going something like this:
Lucas: Mom I really really really love you.
Me: Lucas. I really really really love you!
Lucas: I love you because you're so warm. Say "awww"
Me: Awww!
Lucas: Why do you love me?
Me: Because you're awesome and funny and adorable!
Lucas: Why am I awesome? (I can't remember what I told him!)

He's my sweet heart!

To do this week:
- Video post!
- Print playschool photos
- Clean up scrapbook room
(short and sweet...so I have half a chance of checking everything off!)

later skater alligator

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