Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Great day

Today was a great day! Despite the cold and the rain.

Lucas' year end party went really well, again despite the cold and rain. The kids didn't mind the weather...they were happy to just play, jump in the bouncy castle, run into each other, and eat lots of hot dogs. We left early because Lucas had a minor freak out at the sand box, but it was splendid up until that moment.

I got lots done at home today...laundry, dishes. I got my budget numbers transferred to the computer. I vacuumed. I made a "chore list" to keep me on task in the coming weeks.

And I finally (just) updated the Technique blog! It's only five days late!! Oops! I think now that summer is here and (hopefully) the weather will be nicer, and Lucas and I are going to be out and about more, I will hold back on the Technique blog. Maybe only a Technique every two weeks. I think I should be able to handle that!

No pictures yet, but I did fill up a memory card today! That just means that I haven't emptied it since April...I haven't been taking that many pictures!

I wonder when I will have the time to sit down here and do up a proper post? Soon I hope. Once I am done my Beginner's Series Classes, which should be any day now, I'm thinking of devoting Thursday nights to blogging...and Farmer's Market. Maybe if it ever stops raining, we'll get to go! HA!

later skater alligator

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