Friday, June 04, 2010

oh my

I haven't finished my Friday DIY or Technique yet! Oops! So I'm providing you with some interesting news stories today.

this one is crazy!
This sink hole is estimated to be 60 feet (18 meters) wide and 300 feet (100 meters) deep, swallowed up a three story building, and is not technically a sink hole because it was man made. They figure that a burst pipe or storm drain leaked and leaked until all the water eroded the loose pumice that the earth is composed of, and then the weight of the building was too much and down it went! wow.

I love dinosaurs.

This pterosaur is a very cool find. Their bones are so thin and fragile that they are rarely found, especially in Africa.

I also love vintage photos, and national parks. Here the two are combined!! (click on the description for the original site)

this one is funny because now they have a huge perimeter set up, and you can't get anywhere near the geyser! But look at how close these visitors are!

And I really love these last two!

Hmmm...these actually are giving me an idea for a DIY! Be back later with (hopefully) something to show for it! I also want to make muffins today, but am thinking I might need a fab icing recipe to go with. Yum-o.

later skater alligator

p.s. today while grocery shopping I caved and bought a chocolate pudding "Snack Pack"...does anyone else automatically think of Billy Madison when you hear the words "Snak Pack" or is it just me???

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  1. MMM, icing. don't know who Billy Madison is tho.


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