Saturday, June 05, 2010

First Things First

No Friday DIY for you. Sorry. I spent yesterday feeding and entertaining Lucas, painting, laundry, and cleaning out the dresser upstairs that I hope to be switching for something more lovely today (we'll see what kind of mood my "muscle named Russel" is in!!).

This means that my studio is a disaster! Everything that I couldn't find a home for went in there. There are piles and piles of mess everywhere, and the piles are falling over so they are spreading there mess around. Yikes.

I have been loving ATC/ACEO as of late. I cut up an old Prima watercolour piece of scrapbook paper that I had painted ages ago and created 12 of the little guys. And it was super fun, and messy, and great. Now I just need to find something to do with them...I might take part in the TM swap next month, just to have a little fun and creative outlet for my ATCs. But I won't actually get to participate, as I am still teaching my beginner's classes on Thursday nights. Hey, I think I'm done at the end of this month! YAY! Not that I didn't totally love the fabulous ladies who have attended (cause I do!) was a lot of work for the 4 separate people that came out, and some nights it was only one of them that showed up. I'll run something like this again in the fall, but I have to tweak the format a little so it doesn't drive me crazy-bonkers again.

It really bugs me that people ask for beginner's classes all the time - or so I'm told - but no one actually wants to pay to take the class. argh!

I made a nice canvas the other day. I think I will post that as a class. More fun. More creativity. That's more like it.

Sorry no pictures today. I have been in a cleaning mood lately, so not a lot of creative things are happening around here. I did "finish" painting the entryway in the house. It's so bright, it's neon really...and I love it! Now I just have to tackle the rest of the house. Problem with this is there is no great place to stop in between painting sessions. So I have a couple of inches painted in the kitchen, but the kitchen isn't ready to be painted. And I have a messy line started in the hallway (some of that is Lucas!) but I didn't clean that wall off and I really am not keen on the fact that the inside of the closet is all the same mauve colour and I haven't decided if I want to paint it all out yet...gosh. That's sure boring!

Maybe if I get my dresser in today I'l take some pics of the house and post them for all you voyeurs out there who want to see more of my daily life. Gosh...more boring! And I do have an idea for a DIY, so when I get a chance to work on it, I'll show it off.

i'm out.

later skater alligator.

p.s. if you're in the neighbourhood this weekend, stop by Nadine and Kara's yard sale. Not precisely sure who's yard they are using, but take a drive and you'll be sure to find them!

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