Tuesday, June 22, 2010

come to me, plug it in

here is a photo of my fabby new shelf in my "studio"...you gots to scroll way down, i get off topic a little bit here.

I hung it myself. and it would have been level if I hadn't second-guessed my first marks, but I did, so it isn't.


on it you can see my Friday DIY from last week, as well as the Friday DIY for this week! I am so ahead of myself. party on, excellent.

and my re-purposed speakers that work so well for me, it's ridonkulous. I'm glad I snagged them out of the throw out bin. I heart old tech. I am currently working on a mini album made out of old floppy disks (not the super old, actual floppy ones...the hard 3.5 ones). They already come with a hole that fits a binder ring just about perfect. And I have about 7 bagillion from when Di actually did backups of files at work!!

I'm planning on turning it into a simple (and inexpensive) class at TM this summer. the title will be: Retro Technophile...I've discovered that having a good name attached to a class increases the chance of someone wanting to take it...but I'm also not holding my breath!

now my desk is still a mess, the walls are still ballerina pink, but I think it's starting to look much much better!
oh, and my degree is up there. cause I gots to know the brains are there, even if I don't use them on a daily basis.

peace yo.

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