Tuesday, June 22, 2010

art today

today I was busy with this...

Summer of Love class taught by Kara

upcoming summer classes taught by me! 

if you like quirky-messy-lovely things made by Lisa, perhaps you would like to take a class? please!?!?

today was a very productive art day...and Lucas spent most of it on the computer! ha! we are a lazy bunch when the rain comes.

 Speaking of rain, it was coming down so hard yesterday - what with the hail and all - that most of my flowers are mush today. plus they got over-soaked, so the dirt is just a soggy mess. argh.

tonight was dinner with the kercher family at BPs, so I am pleasantly full of Tuscan and Zorba the Greek pizza at this moment. yum!!

now I am off to update my ongoing class post, then the TNT blog, then check on Lucas (again...sigh), and work on something fun upstairs!

later skater alligator

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  1. I would LOVE to take class from you. Would it be online? If so, I'm a fer-shure.
    Hey, I'll be at TM Thursday nite, shopping. Beem saving my pennies. Gotta be up in Edmonton for work.
    Let me know 'bout the class, K?


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