Thursday, May 27, 2010

It's a Mod Cloth Day!

It was funny to learn that two of my good friends from High School are as in love with Mod Cloth as I am! Difference is, they've actually ordered stuff instead of just window shopping!

Here is some nautical-inspired gear...enjoy! And for lots more, click here.

I really love the green and orange dress in their ad-banner, but couldn't find it in the listings! dang-nabbit!

and this shirt is just for S#&%s and Giggles! I actually think I might get it!!!

and this book is perfect for lazy summer days reading by the lake...I already read Pride and Prejudice and Zombies and this is next on my list! I need some good summer books!

Last night, the fam and I went Orienteering at Laurier Park (down by the Zoo). We had a blast! Lucas really loved just running down the path, checking out all the dogs, and then squealing when we saw the next flag! He got to read the numbers and words on each flag. We chose the easy map, thinking it would be best with Lucas. But it was too easy. So next time we're going for medium! We bought a membership, so I can see this becoming a new thing for the Kerchers.
And Laurier Park is so beautiful, and huge too! You should check it out! They have a big dog park, and lots of multi-use paths. And it's big enough, that even though it was super busy, the trails aren't crowded by any means. Plus there's lots of parking in the Zoo lot and throughout the park.

Until next time...later skater alligator!

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  1. the shirt with the kitty in a cup is just adorable :)


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